Jessica's Attic History

Starting as a collaboration between Tom Aragon and M, the duo released a ten song cassette as Looking Glass, called Out of the Lair. The group's name was later changed to Jessica's Attic.

Jessica's Attic first release was a ten song CD, the Necromancer. A dreamy, trance-like quality infuses most of the songs. The lyrics/poems allow alternate interpretations that give the songs a moody edge.

David Sherwood Hayden joined Jessica's Attic in 1996 after several live performances with Tom and M, which were almost completely improvised. Dave's rhythmic instincts brought a new element to the music. Then as now, songs evolved from phone calls to the psychic hotline.

Clark Hayden rounds out the sound by bringing both rhythmic guitar riffs and unexpected atmospheric effects having a very un-guitarlike sound. Clark's eclectic musical taste and experience flavors the electronic aspect with a melodic, live performance warmth.

Live shows encompass a multimedia aspect, and have a theatrical flair, including the use of illusion and dance as part of the show.

The band has enjoyed radio airplay internationally, and on local public and college radio. Their newest effort, Disclaimer, is enjoying sales internationally. Jessica's Attic songs have been included in two compilation CDs. Their web page in IUMA ( the Internet Underground Music Archive, has a large, ongoing listenership. [If the above link does not work, go to the IUMA homepage and perform an Artist search for "Jessica's Attic".]

The band also has its own web page at http:/


"...eclectic music, followed by poetic lyrics that take the listener to a new plane of consciousness..." The Cape Fear Collegian

"...powerful sound and inspiring lyrics...." Henk Postma/ Paclax, The Netherlands

"...Jessica's Attic takes you on a journey whose only boundaries are that of your own self consciousness...." Gary Vollano, IndepenDisc Music Club 'Zine


Address: PO Box 127
Los Altos, CA 94023-0127
Phone: 650-569-6869